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Creating an Approval Document

Creating an approval document is a critical piece of many company’s workflow processes. Prior to submitting into workflow, many companies require a document be defined that explicitly lists out which view (PDF summary of the record), as well as which attachments/supporting documents, should be included in the review process. The approval doc will create a single document (PDF) of all the applicable documents, and route that single document through any defined workflow.


To create an Approval document on any cost record:

  1. Click Edit on the record. Scroll to the bottom of the record to the References section and click the three dots next to Download to expand the menu. You should see Add Approval Doc. Click Add Approval Doc.
  2. Enter a Filename. This represents the record name that will be routed through workflow – for instance, it may be helpful to name it in line with the record number. Then, check the box to include the document View (summary PDF) and any additional documentation needed which could be supporting documents or exhibits. Note that whatever files you check to include will comprise your approval document, so if you wish to include the summary only and no reference docs, simply check the ‘View’. To add a document from File Manager or your desktop, select Add More
  3. Select additional files from File Manager or upload from your local file explorer by clicking the paper icon in the top right corner of the window.
  4. After you have included all documents needed for review or signature, click OK
  5. Once the record has been created, the document type in the References section will be labeled Approval Doc. In many cases, this is what is sent for approval / review when using Kahua workflow.


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