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Application Configuration: Default Field Values

The Application tab is where any application-specific configuration takes place – including:

  1. Enabling/Disabling an Application
  2. Configuring the View within an App (Hiding fields, Relabeling fields, Changing Lookup Lists, Default Data, Numbering Scheme Setup, etc.)

Note that not all applications will have the same configuration options.

Kahua allows data to be defaulted into specific fields, to avoid unnecessary data entry for users. Defaulting data does not limit users from editing the data, but instead suggests a value for a field when a user creates a new record. To do so, enter the application’s configuration detail pane, and select the tab Defaults.

Once in the Default tab, toggle to Override if the document is inheriting settings. Note that if you are at a project or partition in your Navigation bar, this configuration will impact all partitions and projects deeper in the hierarchy. If you desire to make this change for the entire domain, ensure you are navigated in Project Finder to the ‘root’ of the domain (your company name).


Select the   icon to the right of the field you wish to default a value for.

Depending on the type of field (Lookup, Date, Text, etc.), you will be prompted to select a value, or define a value, for that field. Click Ok when complete. Default any other fields, prior to saving this tab. If you do not save on this tab prior to exiting, the changes you made will not be saved.

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