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File Manager - Adding Records and Files to Controlled Folders

This article covers adding records and files to Controlled Folders.  For more information on working with all types of folders, refer to File Manager.

For more basic information on Controlled Folders, refer to File Management - Controlled Folders Basics. For more information on the approval workflow for files added to Controlled Folders, refer to File Manager - Controlled Folder Review Workflow.


How to add records to a controlled folder in advance of receiving files

Controlled folders can be used to set up a drawing or document log in advance of receipt of the actual drawing or document files. You can set up placeholder records that include information like Sheet Number, Title, Discipline, etc, as well as the Planned Submission Date and Work Package the drawing will belong to. 

To add a record in advance of having the actual drawing or document file, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate controlled folder in the File Manager app.
  2. Select Add to open the New Document Revision page.
  3. Enter the information into the fields.  Click Save/Close when you are done.   

How to add files to a controlled folder

Files can be added to existing records one at a time, or as a group.

To add a single file to an individual record, complete the following steps:

  1. To add a file to an individual record, open the record and select Upload Document
  2. Select the document that matches the record.
  3. To upload a new version of the current revision, select New Version (Current Revision) and click Ok.
  4. To upload a new revision, select New Revision. Enter the revision number, date, and comments if applicable.  Click Ok
  5. The uploaded document is attached to the associated record. If the document was added as a new revision, a new record with the attached file will appear in the controlled folder. 

To upload multiple files at once, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the folder and click Add Files.
  2. Select the documents to upload and click Continue.
  3. The files appear in the list. You can manually enter the Revision Number, Revision Date, Batch Name and Batch Date for each file, or you can leave them blank and use the options below to set them for you. Revision Number is a required field, the others are optional.
  4. You can manually enter the Sheet Number and Sheet Title. If the record for the file already exists, Kahua will attempt to automatically match the file to the existing record to generate the Sheet Number and Sheet Title. File matching works will be attempted in the following order:
    1. Using the PDF Meta Data
    2. Previously uploaded file name
    3. Sheet number within the file name
  5. Alternatively, you can set up Title Block Extraction and use that process to determine the Sheet Number, Sheet Title, Revision Number, Discipline and more.  For more information, refer to Title Block Extraction.
  6. Additionally, you can control the file name used when the file is stored in Kahua by configuring the Enforce Nomenclature option.  Your domain administrator can configure this in the Configuration app > Applications tab > File Manager > Controlled Documents tab.

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