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Import Troubleshooting Guidance

If you receive an error upon import, validate the below prior to submitting a support ticket:


Does the error message indicate a row / column that is troublesome? If so, validate primarily against that row as you research below. If not, complete an overall analysis of your import with the below checklist.


  1. Did you alter the order of tabs in your Excel file, start with an export from a different project, or edit the column headers in any way? This may cause failure to import. 
  2. Is your data in the correct ‘text’ format within the Excel file?
  3. Are all fields adhering to their proper format – for instance, lookup values match an existing lookup value available in the UI, integer fields contain integers only, etc.?
  4. Did you list a relevant number (row number) for all entity lookups (Ex. CSI Codes, Locations, Contacts, Companies)? Did you list the ‘RowNumber’ in the [FieldName]_ReferenceColumn to indicate that the tool should look to that row number in the corresponding reference tab included in import?

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