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File Manager - Understanding Versions vs Revisions in Controlled Folders

When an updated file is uploaded to a controlled folder, it can be uploaded as either a new version of the same revision, or as a new revision of the drawing. Kahua can manage multiple revisions of all drawings and files uploaded into a controlled folder.  

Drawings and files that are in Draft status can receive a new version.   

During the upload process the user can determine whether to capture a new version of a revision OR a new revision entirely. Kahua can manage multiple versions of the same file revision of a document. When adding a file utilizing file matching capability, enter the same (current) revision number. A new version will be added to the record.  

When adding a file utilizing file matching capability, enter the next revision number to create a new revision record in the list.

File Matching Capabilities

Once the user selects the file(s) to upload, Kahua’s auto-match feature will attempt to match each file in the batch to an existing record in a controlled folder, using the following attempts:

  1. Attempt to match the PDF Meta Data (Sheet Number).
  2. Attempt to match with Previously Uploaded File Name.
  3. Attempt to match based on finding Sheet Number within the File Name.

If one of these three attempts successfully matches a file to an existing record, the file shall be added to that existing record as a new revision or version of the record.  For each file that is not matched, a new record for that document shall be created.

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