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Application Configuration: Field Configuration

The Application tab is where any application-specific configuration takes place – including:

  1. Enabling/Disabling an Application
  2. Configuring the View within an App (Hiding fields, Relabeling fields, Changing Lookup Lists, Default Data, Numbering Scheme Setup, etc.)

Note that not all applications will have the same configuration options.

Kahua allows users to alter the fields that the user may see when creating or editing a record in an application. 

Users may: 

  • Hide / expose fields
  • Relabel fields, or 
  • Make fields required 

To do so, enter the application’s configuration detail pane, and select the tab Fields.

Upon selection of the Fields tab, toggle to Override if the document is inheriting settings. 

Note that if you are at a project or partition, this configuration will impact all partitions and projects deeper in the hierarchy. If you desire to make this change for the entire domain, ensure you are navigated in Project Finder to the ‘root’ of the domain (your company name).

 All of the field names will be displayed in a list view in the column Name. Note that these are all fields available in the application – some fields may not be, by default, exposed to users.

Find the field you wish to alter. In this case, we would like to expose and relabel an unused Contact select field, ‘Custom Contact 1’.

To relabel this field, clear the values in the Label column, and populate with the field name you wish to be displayed.

To make this field visible / exposed to user’s, check the box in the column ‘Is Visible’.

To make this field required for user’s prior to saving the record, check the box in the column ‘Is Required’.

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