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The Project Finder is the application and feature you will utilize to navigate amongst projects and partitions in Kahua. Kahua is set up in a hierarchical manner, meaning your company may have set Kahua up such that projects are nested under partitions such as a region, or a project type. This enables ease of navigation and permissioning for your system admins. You are likely granted permission to a section of your company’s domain. In this section, we will describe how to navigate through your company’s hierarchy to open and access specific projects you have been granted access to.



  1. Domain – a domain in Kahua is your company’s ‘site’. All of your projects sit on this one domain, and all users for your company are users within this domain. Not all users (including you likely) have access to the entire domain (all projects).
  2. Partition – a partition is a division within your domain. Multiple partitions (such as regions, and maybe sub-regions under that) can be created such that your projects are organized in a logical manner.

How to Navigate to a Project

  1. In your toolbar (left side of your screen), click on the Project Finder icon.
  2. This will open a window that allows you to navigate amongst your projects. Note that the Project Finder has three tabs: All Projects, My Projects, and Recent Projects. A search icon also is available.
    • All Projects - provides user the ability to drill down through the hierarchy to select their project to open.
    • My Projects - lists only projects that you have ‘starred’. Clicking on a project here will take you directly into that project.
    • Recent Projects - lists the most recent projects you have worked in. Clicking on a project here will take you directly into that project.
    • Search - allows user to start typing project name OR project number; system will display results based on projects you have access to.
  3. If your project is not in the ‘My Projects’ or ‘Recent Projects’ list, you will navigate to the default ‘All Projects’ tab.
  4. In the ‘All Projects’ tab, notice your domain (company name) is displayed. Below, you likely see 1 or several ‘partitions’. Partitions with additional sub-partitions or projects below will display the number of immediate partitions/projects below it. Clicking on this number link will start to build a ‘path’ to your project.
  5. For instance, in the below, I click on a partition as indicated, and it now displays those ‘children’ projects or partitions for me. Notice above the list of projects I see a ‘path’ displaying that I am now deeper in my hierarchy (in this example: Best Practices Company / Region 1).
  6. When I reach a point that the project or partition has NO link next to it indicating a number, this means the project or partition has no projects below it. If I click on that project, it will open and display in my top navigation bar, indicating to me that I am ‘in’ that project. Thus, if I edit any applications (Budget, Contracts, Milestones, etc.) I am now editing for that project displayed at the top in my Navigation bar.
  7. If I wish to move back up my hierarchy, I may use my path and select a higher level, upon which the list of projects will now display what is below the partition I just selected.
  8. There are three icons to the right of all partitions and projects: 
    • Arrow – if I click this, the partition or project will open in my Navigation Bar
    • Star – Clicking this star will automatically add this project to the ‘My Projects’ list for ease of access in the future. The star may be ‘unchecked’ at any time.
    • Pencil – clicking this will automatically open the project’s basic project information for my review or to edit. Note that this is also feasible to reach this project information once you open your project by clicking the pencil icon on the Navigation bar.
  9. Once you have selected a project, and it appears in your Navigation bar, you are in your project. This will be extremely important to review prior to making any edits in other applications. When you open an application, you are opening the application to display the data for the particular project that is selected in your Navigation bar. Toggling between projects in your Navigation bar using Project Finder will cause your open applications to automatically refresh to show data for the project that is now open.

To learn more about creating your project hierarchy structure follow the link to Project/Partition Structure.

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