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Log Views and Log Reporting

Each application has a Log View. This view is where all of the current applications records are located. There is a built-in standard log view pane for each application that displays the most common columns for that application. However, individual users can customize and save views with an application. 

  1. In any application log, click the the name of the current View along with the arrow. 
  2. Click Manage Views. This will open up the dialogue to allow creation of new views or modify existing views. 
  3. Set your desired view configuration options from the list to personalize your view. 

Column – Choose the columns and column order for the Log. Check or uncheck boxes to display or suppress a column. Either drag and drop or use the Up and Down arrows to re-order the columns in the Log view. 

Sort – Customize the sort order of Log items. Multiple sort keys can be specified in a user defined order. 

Scope – Choose visibility for everyone or just you. This field defaults to everyone and cannot be modified later so please determine the correct option prior to saving. 

Indicators – Can be used to highlight overdue records or indicate different statuses in the log.

Filter – Apply view filters based on a specific column and selected values in that column. Example: display only the contracts where the type equals Master Terms & Conditions. 

Grouping – Group records based on a specific attribute.

After filling out the custom view settings, click Save As. You will then be prompted to name the new view. 

Saved views appear in the View drop-down on the log. Click on the view name to display the available views and select one to display. 


Running a Log Report 

After creating your custom view, you can then print the log to PDF. This can be a very powerful tool to be able to create a custom report that can be printed at any time. 

In the log view pane, click the print icon. This report can then be viewed in PDF, Excel or CSV by clicking the white corner of the Open PDF button to expand options.


Note: The log view can be modified by the app search or by changing the save view. 

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