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Creating an Invite Template

While setting up an invite template it is important to think through who will be receiving the invitations and what information will need to be shared. To create an invitation template, follow the steps below: 

  1. Open Configuration and then go to the Invitation Templates tab. 
  2. Click Add.
  3. Make sure the template is enabled and enter a Name.
  4. In the details section, enter the invitation email Subject. This will be the subject line on the email that is received by the invitee. 
  5. Enter any Additional Information. The additional information will be available on the invitation.
  6. If the individual should be added to the project directory for the project they are being invited to, check the box to Add to Project Directory
  7. In the dropdown for Package, select either a Kahua Standard or Kahua Subcontractor. This will prompt a standard license purchase for the invitee (keep in mind, they will have the option to defer payment for a period of time). 
  8. The Permitted Group determines which user group from your domain will be able to access this invitation. 
  9. Next, select the shares that should be created on the new domain. In the Shares section, click Insert in the items grid. 
  10. Select the app you’d like to share from the dropdown list available. 
  11. If the App has a list or folder, select which is applicable.
  12. Check the box to Copy On End to allow the invitee to keep a copy of records shared with them up to this point. 
  13. Of course, if you have more shares you can click Insert again and share several apps in the same invitation.
  14. If a share has been selected for a cost application, the Required Licenses section will include a Cost Management Suite license. 
  15. If additional licenses are required, select the additional licenses from the dropdown. 
  16. If you have a group for the contact being invited, click Insert, then select the appropriate group for the template. 
  17. Once complete, click Save.

For information on how to use invite templates already created, see here.

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