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Packaged Submittals

NOTE: The below article details this feature for our customers utilizing our Kahua for Owner’s and Kahua for GC’s applications, which excludes custom workflow or configuration. Specific customer configuration, customers utilizing other versions of these applications, or custom application features may differ in functionality or processes to those outlined below. For more details on training guides specific to your company, please check with your company IT or Domain Administrator prior to submitting a request to Kahua Support.


Kahua enables the project team to collaborate on Packaged Submittals. Submittal Items and Submittal Packages can be created, send request, receive submittals from the Submitting Vendor, then distribute to the Official Reviewer and Consultant Reviewers (if you choose). The Official Reviewer can also add additional Consultant Reviewers. All responses filter back through the Official Reviewer before responding to the Submittal Coordinator to return the submittal to the Submitting Vendor.

Note: Kahua also has workflow that includes the Owner’s Representative, for more information reach out to Kahua Support.

Create the Submittal Item Register

  1. The first step is creating the Submittal Item Register. This takes place in the Submittal Items tab.
  2. As the Submittal creator (if different from the Submittal Coordinator), navigate to the appropriate project, access the Packaged Submittals app from the App Launcher under the Document Management section.
  3. Click the Submittal Items sub app tab.  Click New to create a new Submittal Item. 
  4. Fill out the Submittals form noting the following:
    • Required fields are marked with red text
    • The Status of the submittal item defaults to New
    • In the Reference section, attach submittal reference documents at the bottom of the form, if applicable.

Note: The Submittal register can also be created by uploading the list of Submittal items from an excel spreadsheet via a Kahua import.

Create a Submittal Package 

After Submittal Items have been created, a Submittal Package can be created composed of register items.

When creating a Submittal Package, keep in mind who the workflow participants are:

  • The Submittal Coordinator is the person who receives the submittals from vendors, sends submittals to reviewers, and returns final response to the sub.  
  • The Submitting Vendor is the trade company providing the originating submittal data.
  • The Official Reviewer is a person named by the Submittal Coordinator, usually the Project Architect, who is responsible for the final review and response of the submittal. A default Official Reviewer can be set up during the project setup, if necessary.  
  • The Consultant Reviewer is an additional or secondary reviewer who reviews and provides a response to the Official Reviewer for incorporation into the final response. This person is often a subconsultant such as an engineer, interior designer, or specialist consultant. 

Follow the steps below to prepare the Submittal Package:

  1. Click Submittal Packages sub app tab under the Packaged Submittals app. Click New to create a new Submittal Package.
  2. Fill out the Submittals Package form including all required fields and other fields needed to complete the package information.   
  3. Click Insert Existing to add Submittal Items from the register to the Submittal Package.  


  • When Items are placed into packages, the items will follow workflow status of the package when Track Items with Package is checked.
  • New Submittal Items can be created manually in the Submittal Items grid if they do not already exist by clicking Insert.
  • Note: Any Submittal Items created in the Submittal Items grid while composing a Submittal Package will be saved to the Submittal Items register upon saving.

4. Click the More Details Icon to expand the Submittal Item form and update information, if needed.

5. Click Done (Note: You can use the Next and Previous arrows on the Submittal Item More Panel to update each item.)

Submittal Workflow Process

  1. Click Assign to Coordinator to send the Submittal Coordinator a Triage Task and notification.
    Note: This step is needed only if the creator of the record is not the Submittal Coordinator. It is not mandatory to use this workflow button.
  2. Click Request Submission to send a task to the Submitting Vendor requesting submission of the required submittal items. The vendor inputs all necessary information for the submittal items and clicks Submit to return the item back to the Submittal Coordinator.
    Note: The vendor must be a Kahua User to receive the task. Individual Submittal Items (prior to being added to a package) or the Submittal Package can be requested for submission from the vendor.
  3. As the Submittal Coordinator, review the submittal received from the Submitting Vendor.  
    • If the submittal package is acceptable, click Submit to Reviewers.
    • If it is not acceptable, click Request Corrections to return the task back to the vendor.
  4. Click Submit to Reviewers. The Official Reviewer receives a submittal task to review the submittal package.
    Note: The Submittal Package can be sent to the Owner’s Rep and Consultant Reviewers at this time, if needed. The Official Reviewer can respond or also add additional reviewers. Additional reviewers receive a task, review the submittal, and return responses to the Official Reviewer.
  5. The Official Reviewer can add Secondary Reviewers. After the secondary reviewers respond the Official Reviewer can finalize the response and return it to the Submittal Coordinator. 
  6. The Submittal Coordinator reviews the response and either returns the submittal with questions or distributes it to the subcontractor for actions. 
    • Click Mark Complete, this saves and locks the submittal.
    • Then click Distribute to send notification to all contacts in the Response Distribution List.
      Note: Each submittal item with the submittal package can have a separate response.
  7. Select the Package in the log once complete. Click the View button to see the printable version of the Submittal Information.

Create a Submittal Revision 

Once the Submittal Package has been responded to, the Submittal Coordinator will have an opportunity to review the response. If a Submittal Item needs to be resubmitted, you will need to revise the package.  

  1. Click Revise on the package that needs to be revised to open the Revise Submittal Package window.
  2. Enter a New Package Revision Number.
  3. Select the Items that require resubmission and assign a New Item Revision Number and then Save.
  4. The Submittal Item(s) will be updated.  Any items not selected to be revised will be read only in the new revision.  Any items selected to be revised, will remain editable and you can follow the previous steps for submitting the package to the Vendor for resubmission and review to the Official Reviewer.  
  5. When a package revision is made the Log View only shows the most current revision.  To see previous open that version and look in the item history or the package history for the complete story.
  6. When a package revision is made the digital documents contained in all previous revisions stay with the current revision.   The final completed package will have the history and all the documentation regardless of number of revisions.

Split a Package

Submittal Packages can also be Split into two separate packages.  An example of using the split feature is when you need to push part of a package into workflow early.

  1. From the Log View, select the package you want to split. Click Split to open the Split Package window.


  1. Enter a New Package Number and Select the Submittal Items that you want to move into a new package.
  2. Click Split. The Submittal Package can now be submitted into workflow.

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