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Approvals Configuration: Autoplace Tabs

Kahua’s integration with DocuSign now supports DocuSign’s Autoplace Tabs enabling the ‘click here to sign’ functionality when viewing a document sent for signature.  In addition to making it easier for users to sign documents, implementing the Autoplace Tabs removes the ability for document recipients to add undesired markups or comments to the documents.

  • The document recipient to quickly apply their signature, date signed or initials with a single click

  • The document recipient is automatically advanced to the next area for them to sign or initial

  • The DocuSign Fields toolbar for document recipients is removed. This disables the abilities of the recipient to add unwanted information including text.

  • Administrators can add the Autoplace Tabs to Word based portable views using the new signature tokens.  You can create tokens for each signer by incrementing the signature number (e.g.    [Signature(SignatureIndex=1)], [Signature(SignatureIndex=2)], etc…).  See the Autoplace Tabs Demo PV Template.docx file for reference.


  • If using Kahua’s Approvals functionality, Kahua will verify that there are enough signature lines on the Portable View template for the number of Approves in the Approval workflow.

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