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Application Configuration: Settings

The Application tab is where any application-specific configuration takes place – including:

  1. Enabling/Disabling an Application
  2. Configuring the View within an App (Hiding fields, Relabeling fields, Changing Lookup Lists, Default Data, Numbering Scheme Setup, etc.)

Note that not all applications will have the same configuration options.

Settings - settings in Kahua’s Configuration application are app-specific, and allow for specific features and preferences to be enabled/disabled within an application. Settings will vary across applications. Some common settings that will be encountered in the cost applications may include:

  1. Enabling specific workflow processes; while cost app workflow routing is defined in the Approvals tab, Settings if often where entire workflow processes are disabled. This will remove the workflow action buttons from the form when user’s are utilizing the app. In cost apps, this will be available for the Review and Signature process.
  2. Using Manual Status Override – this setting, available in cost applications, allows for user’s with ample permission to utilize a workflow action button to increment status of a record (to Pending, Approved, etc.). Often, this is utilized if workflow is not enabled. 
  3. Cost Status Read Only – captures the status of a record (and individual cost line items within the record) as ‘read-only’, either because the company wishes to move status solely through workflow OR by the manual status override feature indicated above.
  4. Default Description to Activity Code Description – when selecting an activity code in the cost Items grid within a record, selection of the activity code will default the ‘Description’ field to the Work Breakdown code’s Description. The user may still edit this within the Items grid.
  5. Other Settings – each application may be subject to additional settings. If you need further information on a specific setting available, please contact Kahua Support.

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