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Kahua Technical Information for IT Departments

Proxy and Other Networking Requirements

If a Proxy is being used, Kahua requires the following Proxy configuration settings:

  • URL based configuration should be used.  
  • * and * should be whitelisted
  • SSL inspection should be disabled.

ServerIP AddressesTransportPortProtocol
Proxy configuration should be URL based

Kahua utilizes the following Public IP Addresses: -

Kahua domains that run from the Canada data center will also use for file transfers.

Kahua Windows Host Standard and Enterprise Installers:

Kahua provides enterprise installers for its Kahua Windows Host in both an MSI file and an executable file format.  The installers can be downloaded from the following links:

Instructions for using the enterprise installers can be found in this article.  Click here.

The standard end user installer for the Kahua Windows Host can be found at either:

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