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File Manager - Compare Feature

The Compare feature provide the capability to visually compare two documents by overlaying one on top of the other. The action can be performed from any file folder type.  To compare a document to previous versions or revisions, you will need to be in a controlled folder type. 

The Compare feature is available in both the File Manager app and the Design Review app.  

How to compare two documents: 

  1. Select the first document you want to compare. 
  2. From the log view, right click on the document and select Compare.  From the document view, click Compare from the top action bar.
  3. Click Select to open the selection dialog box:
  4. In a non-controlled folder, you can select any other file.  In a controlled folder, you can select between the following:
    • Same document, different revision – defaults to revision preceding the one selected but can be changed. 
    • Same document, different version – defaults to version preceding the one selected but can be changed.
    • Different document – defaults to the location of Primary File but any folder can be selected.  Click Select File to navigate to another file.
  5.  You can use the included realigning and resizing tools to make it easier to detect differences between the documents being compared.

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