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Adding Additional Domain Administrators

You may find it useful to add additional users to the Domain Admin group to help you administer your company’s domain.

  1. Ensure you have navigated to the domain/root (your Navigation Bar will say ‘Company Name’ rather than a project name). Note that the Domain Administrator group will not appear for you to edit/update at any partitions outside of the root / company domain level.
  2. Open the Groups app.
  3. Select the Domain Administrator group from the Log. The Domain Administrator group information displays in the Detail pane on the right and is defaulted to the Members tab.
  4. To add an existing user to the group, select the users name that you would like to Add. You may add one or more users to the group at a time.

Note: At any time, you can visit this same location to remove users from groups.  This is especially important if at any time you want to reduce the level of permissions for a specific person.

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