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Important Cost Update for July 2022 for Quantity and Unit Prices

Here are the important cost updates coming in 2022.5.  These may affect integrations, reporting and possibly some finely tuned business logic in applications: 

  • New cost items’ quantity field may default to “1” versus “0” or “empty” in previous releases. 
  • Improved setting of cost item status during integrations, processing from document to document and excel based imports 
  • (New) optional Item Level “Entry Type,” allowing some items to be one entry type (e.g.: Unit Price) and other items to be a different entry type (e.g.: Total Value) on the same document at the same time. 
  • We previously only tailored the user interface to hide or show quantity-related fields 
  • Tuning the Total Value entry type to always set Qty to 1 for new items and when existing items changed to Total Value items. 
  • Historically, it was possible to change from unit price items to total value items and preserve the quantity fields. 
  • Enforcing the rule that quantity * unit price = total value for items 
    • Previously, we allowed imports and integrations more flexibility. 

It’s not possible for us to test all possible variations of integrations and implicit business logic that may occur, nor to evaluate if the slight variation in behavior is acceptable in all instances. For those clients with custom Kahua extensions, and running cost integrations, if you can take advantage of our Early Access program (starting July 18th, 2022) to understand if these changes affect you, we can help find potential negative consequences before 2022.5 rolls out into production July 30th, 2022.  

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