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March 2021 Release Notes

At Kahua, we value our customers and your experience. We want to make sure you have time to digest any changes coming in our 2021.2 Release which will take place on March 13th. With that being said, we are striving to send out Release Notes early in the release cycle which could leave time for minor changes. In the event that changes are made, the revised Release Notes shall be posted here. Please check the latest information on this article to be informed.

Our Product Management team will be hosting a Kahua Continuing Education webinar at Noon ET on March 11. We will walk you through the new features from the January/March Releases and address any questions you might have. Please register at this link to attend.

Your Kahua experience is improving as we work to release new features and correct errors. Below is the improvements you'll find in the latest release:

Desktop Hosts

Quick Actions – Add Person

Administrators can now add a person, invite to Kahua and assign a platform license directly from the main Kahua interface. When selecting the Add Person icon, a wizard will walk the user through the necessary steps.




After the person is added, Kahua provides additional links to common next steps.

New User Registrations

To help streamline the registration process, the Purchase Now/Purchase Later option has been removed. At the time of registration, all new users that have had app content shared with them via an Invitation Template will be permitted to access the shared content for seven days before being required to have the appropriate license(s) assigned to their account.

References Section – Multi-Select Download and Remove 

Multi-Select is now available in all Reference Sections. Items may be selected individually, or all items may be selected/deselected using the header checkbox.


In ‘Preview’, multi-select now applies to the DOWNLOAD action. In ‘Edit’ view, multi-select now applies to both the DOWNLOAD and REMOVE actions.


Global Search – Direct Link

Search results now include a direct link to the record. Clicking the link icon will open the app with the record loaded in the preview. Note the user’s active project will be updated in the event the selected record resides in a project that differs from the current project.


New Widget Type: Stacked Column

Users can now create Dashboard widgets with stacked columns. To include, select “Stacked Column” for the widget type when creating custom charts.  


File Manager – Markup Carryover to subsequent file Versions

In the 2021.1 Release, a configuration setting was introduced that would auto-copy Markups made within Files & Media folders to subsequent Versions of that file.  

This feature has now been extended to these additional scenarios which also result in new versions of a file:

  • the One-Click ‘OPEN’ action
  • File Sync
  • File changes made via WebDAV

File Manager - Multi-Release of Documents in Controlled Folders

For documents that are uploaded to Controlled Folders within File Manager, there is now a way to ‘fast-track’ them to the ‘Current Set’. For example, the new multi-Release action can be used to quickly ‘Release’ a set of drawings as ‘Current’ when a formal review isn’t necessary. As part of this process, any corresponding documents that were previously part of the ‘Current Set’ will automatically be set to ‘Superseded’, so that it’s always easy for the project team to ensure that they are viewing the latest version of any document.

Expense Pay Request (Payment Application) Only applies to our "Kahua For Owner or GC Customers"

The % To Date column is now editable. It’s moved left in the grid to enhance usability. The % To Date field provides a simple, cumulative To Date way to update progress.  Behind the scenes, the math is the same whether the user updates % To Date or the user updates Work Completed This Period. Edits to either update the other. 


NOTE: We increased the number of decimals for % To Date. This improves accuracy with larger numbers.  


Other Enhancements

  • Sorting has been added to items grids in the following applications: Daily Reports, RFIs, Issues, Communications
  • Updated layout of rich text fields in Meetings application 

Mac Host

Work Breakdown Structure Visual Updates

Visual updates to align the Mac version of the application better with the Windows version.  

Mobile Hosts

Mobile Markups

Markup functionality is now available as a Beta release on Kahua Mobile. Your Domain Administrator is able to turn this feature on for all users in the domain in the Domain Settings application. 



Mobile Navigation Updates

Kahua has updated its mobile navigation to provide greater flexibility and scalability to our growing platform and to better align with other mobile applications.


In all hub applications, actions taken against individual records have been moved from tab navigation at the bottom to the Actions area and overflow menu top right. Common actions like Edit and Save are displayed as icons while less used actions and workflow actions are available in the overflow menu.


Mobile Log Updates

Several hub applications have been updated to use Kahua’s recommended formatting for mobile logs. This update includes changes to how the logs are displayed like what is shown here:


Other Enhancements

  • Sharing invitations in Tasks can be completed on a mobile device

Kahua Host Updates

All Kahua hosts have been updated with various enhancements and bug fixes.  The Windows host will automatically update upon first launch after the release.

Download the appropriate app for your device:

Kahua for Mac

Kahua Mobile for iOS on iTunes

Kahua Mobile for Android on Google Play

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