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Punch Lists

NOTE: The below article details this feature for our customers utilizing our Kahua for Owner’s and Kahua for GC’s applications, which excludes custom workflow or configuration. Specific customer configuration, customers utilizing other versions of these applications, or custom application features may differ in functionality or processes to those outlined below. For more details on training guides specific to your company, please check with your company IT or Domain Administrator prior to submitting a request to Kahua Support.


Through the Punch List application, you can create defect items for subcontractors or vendors by using a library of defect items commonly found on your projects. The app allows you to separate the completion list from the punch list, allows outstanding tasks to be documented with clear responsibility, outlines a formal process to close out each item, and enables mobile entry and response to defect items.

Punch List Workflow Participants 

The participants in the Punch List workflow include the following:

  • The Originator is the person who creates the punch list item. 
  • The Responsible Party is who is responsible for correcting the defect item, usually a subcontractor or vendor. 
  • The Approvers are the people responsible for verifying that the punch list item has been completed after the responsible party notifies the originator. Note: You can have up to three approvers.  The approval process moves sequentially from the first to the second to the third approver before returning to the originator.


Punch List Workflow Diagram


Creating a Punch List Item 

  1. Access the Punch List app from the App launcher under the Document Management section.
  2. Select the Items tab.  Click New.  
  3. Fill out the Punch List Item with the pertinent details to document the defect item. Note the following:   
    • The Originator defaults to the person creating the item.
    • The Locations field allows the originator of the items to enter specific reference to the location in which the item was identified. The drop-down list is populated from the Locations app under the Index Management section.  
    • Click the Library Type drop-down list and select a Library Item.
    • Select a Defect from the list.  Note: The selected Defect populates the Subject field.  Edit the Subject text as needed.
    • Input a Due Date, the Responsible Party, and a least one Approver.

Note: A feature can be turned on to have multiple Responsible Parties for one item. Your Domain Administrator can turn on this feature in config. 

  • In the References section, you can upload documents pertaining to the item:
  • Click Upload to upload files from your computer or,
  • Click Add Kahua Doc to link to another record in Kahua or a file in File Manager.

Click Save/Close.

Creating/Editing Punch List Libraries 

Numerous Libraries of common construction defects are preloaded and organized by category in the Libraries sub app (tab). However, you have the option of modifying and adding to the list.

  1. Select the Libraries tab.
  2. Click a Library name to display its contents.
  3. Click Edit to modify or add entries.


 – OR –


  1. Click New to create a Library Type
  2. Insert rows of new Defects for that Library Type 


Punchlist Workflow 

After entering all relevant information, the Originator can put the item into workflow depending on whether the item has been complete upon entry or still requires attention by the Responsible Party:

  • If the Item listed has not yet been completed, click Send to Responsible.  This sends a task to the Responsible Party and they can manage the item from their task list. 
  • Upon response from the Responsible Party, the item flows directly into an approval workflow per the listed approvers in the Approval section. 
  • If the Item is complete, click Send for Approval to initiate the approval process.  The system requests approval from each approver listed in the Approvers section. 


Mark an Item Complete 

Kahua allows the Responsible Party to respond to unresolved items with comments as well as references to indicate that the item is ready to be routed through the approval process.

  1. The user listed in the Responsible Party field receives a task, noting an item requires response.
  2. The Responsible Party reviews the item details and can either enter comments into the Notes field and click Return  -or- enter comments in the notes field and references detailing the corrective actions taken to fix the item and click Mark Complete to initiate the approval process.


Approval Process

The individual listed in the Approver field receives a task notification noting that a Punch List Item requires approval.

  1. The Approver reviews the comments and references (if any) sent by the Originator and/or Responsible Party and chooses to Approve or Reject the Item. 
  2. If the first approver, approves the item, the item is then routed to Approver 2. If any of the approvers reject the Item, the approver’s comment is returned to the Responsible Party for revision and re-submission.
  3. Approval by the final approver updates the Status of the Item to Closed. A copy of all items specific to the project are maintained in the Log View under the Items sub app upon opening the Punch List app.

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