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kBuilder Training

Kahua provides virtual training for kBuilder that gives you the working knowledge you need to begin delivering innovative solutions in The Kahua Network.

o    kBuilder 101, which is available on-demand, introduces users to Kahua’s Low Code/No Code app development tools.  Through the training, users will learn how to develop basic apps on the Kahua platform. This class is ideal for Kahua partners or customers that wish to build and deploy their own applications for their organization.

o    The kBuilder Cost Apps class covers the cost related topics from the kBuilder 201 class.  This includes how to build a cost app and how to extend existing Kahua cost apps.  Check the upcoming dates for this virtual training using the link below.

o    The kBuilder Calculations, Variables & Expressions class continues building on kBuilder 101 topics and goes in depth into how to use calculations, variables, and expressions. These concepts are vital as you begin building more complex apps in Kahua.  Check the upcoming dates for this virtual training using the link below. 

Click here to learn more or register for kBuilder Training:

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