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June 2017 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release also includes:

EULA Update

Kahua has updated our End User License Agreement. All users must accept this update prior to logging in. Special Notes: Mobile users must accept the EULA via the Windows host or browser host prior to signing in using a mobile device.  Additionally, WebDav users will need to accept the EULA through the Windows host or browser host in order to access data through WebDav.

Currency Selection 

Each Kahua domain can be set with a "Domain" currency, which is typically set to the currency type each organization uses on most projects. All existing Kahua domains will be set to use USD - United States Dollars. By adding additional currency types at the root of the domain, companies will be able to define project level currencies and exchange rates on specific projects. When updating a project to a different currency, the display will show any financial values using the symbol and precision of the selected currency. Additionally, users can run reports using the project or domain currency. When running project level reports in domain currency, the exchange rate entered will be used as a multiplier to show the project financials in the domain currency. To make changes to the currency, open the Admin>Configuration app and select the "Currency" tab.

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