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Approvals Configuration: Approvals

In the Kahua for Owners and Kahua for GC suites, cost applications come equipped with the ability to create flexible workflows using the Approvals feature in Configuration. The Approvals app allows you to define the names or roles to be included in either a Review or Signature workflow for each app in which these workflows are available. You may also configure the order of approvals, define thresholds or limits for which each role may approve, and set additional requirements for the task response, such as requiring comments when the user reviews a record. All these details are covered in the below sections regarding Approvers and Approvals – the two sub-tabs available within the Configuration tab Approvals.


Kahua allows for definition of workflow across two unique workflows – each controlled / enabled by a Setting to enable/disable workflow in the individual apps. If the workflow is enabled in Settings, you may define the workflow route in the Approvals app.

The two workflows that will be available in each cost app are Review and Signature. The Review workflow is intended to be utilized prior to the Signature workflow and is meant to facilitate a review of the record/document prior to being sent for formal signature. This may be an internal review, for instance, prior to sending a legal document for signature in the Signature workflow. A few of the important differences to recognize when determining if neither, one, or both workflows should be defined for your application include:

  • Review workflow does NOT increment the status of the record when routed through workflow – the document will not be incremented to Pending or Approved status through a review. Instead, once reviewed, users will have the option to Submit for Signature (if both workflows are enabled in the app’s Settings).
  • Review workflow allows for multiple iterations of review (ability to ‘Resubmit for Review’) until the document review is complete and ready for Signature.
  • Signature workflow will increment the status of the record – allowing it to be routed through to Pending and Approved status when final signature is obtained, based on the Signature workflow configuration.
  • Note that BOTH workflows will place the record in a ‘locked’ state while in workflow, so as to avoid users from editing the document while out for review or signature.

See below for specific detail on how to configure the Review and Signature workflows.

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