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Kahua’s Cost Management is a robust solution that provides companies with a variety of applications intended to manage and track costs associated with a project. Kahua’s cost management is broken into two primary applications - the Funding Cost Suite include Funding Contracts, Funding Change Requests, Funding Change Orders, Funding Budget, Funding Budget Adjustments, Funding Budget Changes, and Funding Pay Apps. The Expenses Cost Suite consists of those applications used to track the commitments and actuals associated with a project including Contracts, Change Requests, Change Orders, Pay Requests, Purchase Orders, and Invoices. 


The articles linked above are meant to be a generic guide for each application in the Cost Management suite. Keep in mind that your company may not use every app, and those apps utilized may have been slightly updated to meet your company’s processes and workflow approval requirements. 

Follow the link for an example of how Kahua’s flexible workflow process works and available so that you may be able to utilize considering your company’s processes. Go here to understand how to set up workflows through configuration.

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