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Generating Reports in Kahua

There are several ways to generate reports from Kahua.
  • A portable view (PV) is a PDF version of a single Kahua record such as a letter, RFI, or contract. The base Kahua environment includes built-in portable views for each app.  You can access the portable view by opening the detail view of the item and selecting View.  For more information on portable views, including instructions on how to create custom portable views, refer to Portable View Templates - Overview
  • Most applications have one or more log views. There is a built-in standard default view for each application that includes all the application records and the most common fields for that application. Users can create custom views for themselves or for everyone in their domain. Reports from log views can be printed or downloaded. For more information, refer to Log Views and Log Reporting.
  • Most applications also have built-in and customized reports.  Customized reports can be created using the report wizard.  These reports can be printed or downloaded. For more information on creating reports with the report wizard, refer to Using the Report Wizard.  For more information on running and viewing reports, refer to Viewing a Report.
  • The Dashboards app can be used to present information domain-level or project-level information in a visual format.  For more information, refer to Dashboard Overview.
  • The Analytics application utilizes PowerBI to analyze program and project data.  As each organization’s needs are different, it will require assistance from Kahua to establish the data set you would like to have analyzed. Please reach out to support or your account manager for more information.
  • Cross-application custom reports can be created from the Data Store. Building these reports will require additional training. Please reach out to support or your account manager for more information.

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