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Portable View Templates - Overview

A portable view (PV) is a PDF version of a Kahua record such as a letter, RFI, or contract. The base Kahua environment includes built-in portable views for each app.  You can access the portable view by opening the detail view of the item and selecting View

Note that portable views are different than reports in Kahua.  Portable views are a templated way of viewing a single entity; for example, one RFI.  Reports are typically used to view a list of items and can be filtered; for example, a log view of open RFIs.  For more information on reports, refer to Standard Reporting.


The portable view template determines what the PDF document will look like, including the formatting and placement of the text, fields, and images.  

You can change what logo is used in the portable views by making a selection in the Configurations app.  For more information on how select the logo, refer to Portable Views - Setting the Logo.  All other changes are made by creating and modifying the portable view template.

The portable view template is created from a Microsoft Word file that you or your domain administrator uploads into Kahua. The Word file contains values that are called tokens.  Tokens are hooks into specific data in the Kahua apps. When a view of a document is requested within an app, the Word template file embedded with portable view tokens is processed by the system to replace tokens with data from the document or the project, partition, or domain you are currently in.  It then builds a PDF version of the document with the current values of those tokens.  It functions similarly to the mail merge function in Microsoft Word.


For more information on creating your own portable view templates, please refer to:

Note that you must be an administrator to install portable view templates.

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