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Kahua Mobile Support Guide

Supported Operating Systems

Kahua actively supports the latest three versions of Android and iOS operating systems.  For more detailed information on supported versions, refer to System Requirements

Installation Requirements and App Installation

Our mobile applications are published through and only available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This method ensures compliance with all relevant guidelines and policies, including user prompts for enabling location services, camera, etc.

App Certification and Compliance

Our mobile applications meet the same criteria for certifications as our desktop and web hosting platforms. Authentication is handled with the same code base across all hosts to ensure that requirements and updates apply across our entire offering.

Device Encryption

To access the Kahua app, users are required to enable biometric authentication (e.g., fingerprint or facial recognition) or a PIN code on their device.

Upon launch, the application checks device encryption status. If device encryption is disabled, the user is denied access to Kahua and any locally stored data (applies when user enables offline) The user will receive the message: "This application requires device passcode/face/touch ID be turned on to login. Contact Kahua support at for further assistance.

Included Functionality

The Kahua mobile application offers a wide range of features and functionality for access when a desktop computer is unavailable. However, due to limitations of mobile devices, such as display of large amounts of data, some features are only available on the desktop and web hosts. Additionally, some features available on the mobile host, such as click to call, texting documents, QR codes etc., that are not available on the desktop/web host. For a complete list of what is available on mobile, refer to this support article: Mobile Features and Functionality.

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