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Approvals Configuration: Approvers

In the Kahua for Owners and Kahua for GC suites, cost applications come equipped with the ability to create flexible workflows using the Approvals feature in Configuration. The Approvals app allows you to define the names or roles to be included in either a Review or Signature workflow for each app in which these workflows are available. You may also configure the order of approvals, define thresholds or limits for which each role may approve, and set additional requirements for the task response, such as requiring comments when the user reviews a record. All these details are covered in the below sections regarding Approvers and Approvals – the two sub-tabs available within the Configuration tab Approvals.


The Approvers tab is where Approver roles may be defined that are NOT captured in roles defined in the Project’s Roster (which is a list of contact fields in the Project/Portfolio Management app) or in the record itself. These roles typically are roles that will not differ project to project, or should not be editable by end users. For instance, if the CEO may be involved in workflow, it may be beneficial to defined the CEO in the Approvers tab, so that users cannot edit nor do they need to define the contact for CEO in the project Roster. Note that you may define as many Approvers as you wish at the root, or at a partition level – Approvers will follow the Kahua inheritance model and be available to include in workflow from that partition downward in the hierarchy.

To add an Approver, follow the below steps:

  1.  Navigate to the partition you wish to add an Approver at. If adding for the domain, navigate to the ‘root’ of your domain. Open the Configuration app to the Approvals tab. Open the sub-tab Approvers, if not defaulted to this tab.
  2. Click Add
  3. A detailed pane will appear on the right of your screen.
  4. In the Role field, type the name of the role you are defining.
  5. In the Person drop down field, select the name of the Contact that you wish to list as this role. Note: This can be overridden and updated at a partition role as needed, if a different user fulfills this role for different partitions in your domain. If the individual you are seeking is not listed in the drop down, ensure they have been added as a Contact in your Contacts application.
  6. Click Save.
  7. This user is now available to be selected when defining your workflow path in the Approvals sub-tab.
  8. To Remove or Edit a role in the Approvers sub-tab, navigate to the proper partition, click on the record, and select Remove or Edit the record accordingly before saving.

To utilize these Approvers (or other approvers defined in the project's roster), see how to set up the workflow in the Approvals tab.

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