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Initiating an App Share

By initiating a one-off share of an application or list with a third party, business partners will not get direct access to your Kahua site. They will establish their own Kahua site and you will collaborate with them through a process called Sharing. You may share folders and entire application lists with business partners. This will allow them to see content from your site in their own Kahua site. Permissions to the content you share can be controlled while sharing the content if you do not want them to modify the content itself. In order for a third party to receive a share, they must have licenses to the applications on their own domain.

To share content, navigate to the application you want to share. If sharing a folder from File Manager, right click on the folder in the first window frame that you would like to share (for other apps likes RFIs, Submittals and Punch List simply navigate to the app).

  1. Click the Sharing   icon.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select the company you want to share with, or the permission group you want share with.
  4. After selecting the appropriate company or group, select the appropriate permission level to grant based upon the Groups you have previously set up.
  5. Select the individual the invitation should go to. This individual will be able to select which project they would like to apply the share to on their domain. It will also accept the share for their entire company, not just for the individual. 
  6. Apply any filters needed, and in some apps, you will see the option to ‘Allow Copy’. Allowing Copy means that upon termination / ending of the share, the business partner will retain a static copy of the data on their site. If you do not click this, when you end the share in the future or upon project closeout, they will not be left with the data to reference.
  7. Click Send Invitation.
  8. A sharing invitation will be sent to this user. They will have the opportunity to select where they want to place the information in their Kahua site (tie it to a project, or create a new project if they have yet to create a project on their site). The invitation will appear as ‘Pending’ until the user accepts the invite in their Tasks app.
  9. You can remove and edit the sharing access at any time by clicking the End Share or Edit buttons from the sharing log in the application.

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