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Daily Reports

NOTE: The below article details this feature for our customers utilizing our Kahua for Owner’s and Kahua for GC’s applications, which excludes custom workflow or configuration. Specific customer configuration, customers utilizing other versions of these applications, or custom application features may differ in functionality or processes to those outlined below. For more details on training guides specific to your company, please check with your company IT or Domain Administrator prior to submitting a request to Kahua Support.


A Daily Report contains vital documentation of the events taking place on the project site including: the report date, shift, notes, the companies, equipment, material received on the project, the day’s weather, and any relevant attachments such as photos in the media section. The automation and workflow feature make daily reports easier to fill out, lets subcontractors and vendors contribute to daily reports, and automates the tasks. Note: Automation does not have to be used.

Workflow Diagram

Starting the Process

Each day, at the time your project defines, a new “master” daily report can be copied from the previous day’s report after being set up correctly in Configuration app under the Automation tab. If you have more questions on Daily Report Automation please reach out to your Domain Administrator or Kahua Support. If you do not have access to configuration contact your Domain Administrator. This report includes the companies from the previous day’s report, but not the details. The superintendent reviews the copy for accuracy, makes any adjustments, then sends tasks to the subcontractors to complete their reports.

For the first report:

  1. Make sure you are in the right project, open the Daily Reports app and click New and enter all relevant information. 
  2. After each daily report is completed it can be sent to the contacts in the Distribution field.  
  3. Click Insert for each company on site (that should complete a daily report) and enter the Contact name for each company.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the Companies grid, click Send to Sub for each company to send tasks.
  6.  From this point on, a new report will be generated each day. Note: Locations, Weather, and the time for each day’s report to be generated can be set up prior to the project.

Subcontractor Reporting 

Each subcontractor views the task/request on his or her computer, phone, or tablet.  Then completes their Daily Report.

  1.  Open the Task app, selected the task, and view the report on the right.
  2. Enter the Work Location(s) by picking from the predefined options
  3. Enter a complete Work Description starting with a definitive location the work was performed in. If working in multiple locations make sure each is noted before the description of work.
  4. Click Insert for each Labor Type on the project that day.  Then for each:
    • Choose the Labor Type
    • Enter the number of Reported Workers
    • Enter the number of Total Labor Units (Hours) worked by the workers (e.g. for 2 workers at 8 hours each enter 16)
    • Choose Labor Classifications as applicable
  5. Click Insert for each piece of Equipment on the project that day. Then enter the appropriate information for each.
  6. Click Insert for each type of Material Received that day. Then the Description, Quantity and Unit of Measure (UOM) for each.
  7. Attach References such as photos by clicking Upload, navigating to the appropriate file, clicking Open, adding Comments, and clicking OKCould also include delivery tickets for Equipment/Materials, or if something were serviced that day, show the work order.
  8. When done, click Submit Report

Note: If your company is not working on the project that day, click Non-workday. If your company is no longer on the project, click No Longer on Site.

Finalizing the Report 

When subcontractors submit their reports, they are compiled into the “master” report. The project superintendent can:

  • Track which reports have been received and send reminders as necessary
  • Review what each subcontractor submits and return reports to subcontractors for revisions as needed 
  • When the report is complete, it is simple to lock the report and distribute it to the appropriate team members.

To review responses, look at the Companies table:

  • If the Step is “Sub Entry,” the sub has not submitted a report. To remind the sub, click Send, enter the contact’s name, type a note, and click Send.  
  • If the Step is “Submitted,” the sub has submitted a report.  To review the report, click the More Details Icon on the left. If the report is not correct/complete, click Reject/Return to Sub and enter the Return Reason and click Continue. The sub receives a new task to make the corrections and resubmit. 

 Click Distribute/Lock to lock the “master” report and prevent changes and send the report to the contacts listed in the distribution field  


Click Lock (without Distribution) to lock without sending a copy to the distribution list. The report can be sent to contacts using the Send function at any time.


  • The report can be unlocked and modified if needed 
  • Kahua automatically saves the weather details on an interactive basis so you have a full record on the daily weather conditions on the job site.  This feature can be set up at the start of the project. 


To see and print a Daily Report for a specific day:

  1. Click on the report in the log view. 
  2. In the detail view, click View.
  3. From here you can download a PDF of the Daily report.

Collected data can be aggregated in reports to help you manage your project.

  1. Click the icon for Reports
    1. Select the desired report, choose a Filter (if necessary), then click View. 
    2. You can then download your report as a PDF or excel to modify further. 

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