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Responding to Tasks

Users can receive tasks from a variety of applications in Kahua. The task icon shows the number of tasks requiring attention. The Tasks application is specific to the user’s account and shows all tasks across all projects.

  1. Click the Task icon. The Task app opens with the list of tasks in the Log pane.
  2. Click the task to act on. The task opens in the Detail pane.
  3. Take the appropriate action for this task. Task action buttons are located at the bottom of the form. Example actions may include Save, Send Update, Mark Complete, Review Complete, Approve, or Decline.


4. For some tasks, users can Reassign a task. Click Reassign to send the task action to another Kahua user. This will allow a different user to respond on your behalf to a task that they were not originally assigned too. This is not available for all types of tasks.

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