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Company Profiles

The Company Profiles app is where your company information is stored and information for affiliated companies, such as your subsidiaries.  You can publish your information to the Kahua Community, allowing other Kahua users to collaborate with you. This is also where you can upload your logo to make it available for reports.

To track information for companies that you are doing business with that may have their own Kahua domains, refer to How to Add a Company

To review or update your company information, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Apps > Administration > Company Profiles and open the application.
  2. Your company and company information will be present from when you initially registered with Kahua.  Click on your company name to open the company record. 
  3. Enter your company details as appropriate.  Detail fields include your name, legal name, website, general email address, government ID, DUNS number, and a text block for an overview of your organization.
  4. To update your logo, select Change Picture.  This logo will appear on reports in Kahua.
  5. You can add information on additional offices. You will be able to specify which office your users are associated with.  To create a new record, click New.  Complete the address and other fields and click Done when you are finished. To set a new office as the primary office location, select it and click Set as Primary.
  6. To make your company information available to the Kahua Community, select Publish
  7. Click Save when you are done.

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