Documenting a Prequalification Request

These instructions explain how to enter a prequalification request for tracking purposes. To respond to a prequalification request, see help topic Responding to a Prequalification Request.

  1. In Qualify, navigate to the Requests sub app.
  2. Click New from the top toolbar.
  3. Fill out Date Received, Company Contact, and Due Date.
    • Note: To enter a Company Contact, you must have that contact listed in your Kahua contact list. To do so, see help topic Creating a New Contact.
  4. Enter a Statement of Qualifications into the Existing Statement field.
    • Note: To be available for selection as an Existing Statement, a Statement of Qualifications must have a status of Complete. When you initially document a request, you may not have your Statement of Qualifications complete. If this is the case, simply skip the Existing Statement field and add your Statement of Qualifications later.
  5. Update the Status and Comments.
  6. Click Save/Close.