Users are permitted to import their Work Breakdown activity codes.  The import feature is considered a "one-time" import and will not update any existing activity codes.  The primary purpose of the import is to create activity codes.  Any amounts within the import spreadsheet will be ignored.  In the event an activity code already exists, the import will create a duplicate record, therefore it is recommended that users ensure that no existing codes are contained in their spreadsheet when performing an import.  

To import your activity codes:

1. Select the Import action within the Work Breakdown app

2. Browse to the Excel file you would like to import

3. Continue with on screen prompts

To get a copy of the Excel file used for import, first use the Export action to save the file locally.  Any segment changes made in Configuration will be reflected in the exported spreadsheet, so users should make any segment changes prior to exporting.  

When creating your activity codes in the import spreadsheet, each parent activity code must have a devoted row.  For example, if you want to create the following activity codes: 

2015001.03.100.LAB for Concrete Forms and Accessories Labor

2015001.03.100.MAT for Concrete Forms and Accessories Materials

2015001.03.400.MAT for Precast Concrete Materials

2015001.07.220.MAT for Roof and Deck Insulation Materials

Your import spreadsheet should have rows for each unique segment and look similar to:

Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4  Description

 My Project Name
2015001 03

2015001 03 100
 Concrete Forms and Accessories
2015001 03 100 LAB  Concrete Forms and Accessories Labor
2015001 03 100 MAT  Concrete Forms and Accessories Materials
2015001 03 400  

 Precast Concrete

2015001 03 400 MAT  Precast Concrete Materials
2015001 07      Thermal and Moisture Protection
2015001 07 220    Roof and Deck Insulation
2015001 07 220 MAT  Roof and Deck Insulation Materials