Files can be uploaded to File Manager and other applications within Kahua.  Those uploaded files can be viewed and marked up in Bluebeam Revu.  Revu is an add-on app and can be purchased from the kStore or the Bluebeam website.  Revu is a PDF markup tool, however Kahua's integration with Revu allows users to markup most file types including CAD files, image files and Microsoft files.  Click here for a complete list of supported file extensions in Kahua.

Visit the Bluebeam website to learn more about the Revu Product.  The website includes videos on how to use the product.

To markup a file from Kahua in Revu:

1. Navigate to and select the appropriate file
2. Click the Markup button
3. Click the Open button to start a Revu session
4. Markup the file in Revu

To save a markup back in Kahua

1. Close the file or the Revu application
2. You will be prompted to save your changes back in Kahua, click the Save button

The video below show many of the features of Bluebeam Revu with Kahua