Previewing Your Outgoing Statement of Qualifications

These instructions explain how to preview certain documents that can be sent as part of your Statement of Qualifications. To specify which documents you want to send, see help topic Responding to a Prequalification Request.

  1. In Qualify, navigate to the Statement of Qualifications sub app.
  2. Select the Statement of Qualifications you want to preview.
  3. Click View from the top toolbar.
  4. Select the PDF you would like to preview. Your options are:

Cover Letter – Displays the cover letter that can be added to the outgoing Statement of Qualifications.

Content List – Displays list of attached documents as specified in the Required Documents form. This list can be added to the outgoing Statement of Qualifications.

Project Questionnaire – Displays data from the Project Questionnaire form.

General Statement of Qualifications – Displays Statement of Qualifications in a concise manner that excludes project-specific information.

ConsensusDocs 721 Subcontractor’s Statement of Qualifications  – Displays Statement of Qualifications in the ConsensusDocs format.