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Enterprise Installer For Windows Native Host (WPF)

The Kahua enterprise installer provides system administrators with a method of installing the Windows Native Host across multiple machines throughout your organization. Often, organizations encounter unique challenges when deploying desktop applications across their network. The Kahua enterprise installer assists with pushing our native host to a large user base.

The Kahua enterprise installer is available as EXE and MSI, which can be downloaded from the links below:



Silent install/uninstall for EXE:

setup -q -s

setup -q -s -uninstall

Silent install for MSI:

msiexec.exe /I kahuasetup.msi /qn

msiexec.exe /x kahuasetup.msi /qn


- The installer executable and all of the Kahua executables inside of it are digitally signed with Kahua's Extended Validation certificate

- The installation requires Administrator rights (to install to Program Files)

- The installer will install Kahua to [System Drive]\Program Files x86\Kahua

- The installer will create a Start Menu shortcut and a Desktop shortcut

- Access to [Current User AppData]\Local\Kahua is required

- Microsoft .Net is required; installation of it is currently not a part of the installer

- Once installed, the Kahua native host will automatically check for updates on the local PC, no further updates are required using the enterprise installer

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